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55th Reunion 20 Oct 2018

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Many of us remember the Class of 1963 as a very special class. Our reunions prove that again and again. This site is here to help celebrate the class members, to bring life to some wonderful memories, and to provide information about upcoming reunions.

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See the bottom of this page for instructions on subscribing to our list. We will not be doing any snailmails, and we can't send blanket invitations via email as that is classified as spam and not allowed. The other way is to come back here and click on the "Future Reunions" menu item.


There are links to two PDF files available: the missing, and the Mustangs whose whereabouts are known. For the latter, only the city and state are listed, for privacy. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view PDF files. Download it here (click on "download Reader").


Want to see the Hoofbeats picture of your classmates? Click on the letter for their surname. These pages will also have links to home pages and/or email addresses, but only by those who give specifc permission to have them available. There is also the Photo Gallery, which will expand over time.


Don't want to wait for a reunion to make contact with old friends and classmates? We have an active email group on Yahoo where many have made contact, have been planning mini-reunions, and learning what's been happening to people over the past 40 years. To subscribe, send an email to:
The list requires moderator approval, so if you aren't in the Muir Class of 1963 database, you will get asked who you are. If your name isn't obvious from your email address you will get asked as well.

You do not have to have a Yahoo "profile" to be on the mailing list, but if you create a Yahoo Profile, then be sure to go immediately to the account options, and click on "Edit your marketing preferences". The default there is that you agree to get marketing stuff. Turn it all off or you'll get junk mail.

This site exists for the Class of '63, so if you wish to see something added, let us know.

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