Periodic Future Reunions

Many schools' experiences show that reunion attendance greatly declines after the 50th. We had a fantastic 50th reunion, and will probably never be able to beat it.

The committee has decided that future reunions will be low key, pay-as-you-go events on an periodic basis, probably at Brookside (but maybe other places as well).

February 2018 - Details are set for 55th reunion 20 Oct 2018. Click here for details.

The most important part of this is that postal mail invitations will not be sent. There will be two ways you can find out about the future events.

1) Read about it here on this page. Start looking in the spring, and check periodically until you see the date we've set.

2) If you are subscribed to our YahooGroups email list, an announcement will be made there.

Make sure we have your email address(es) current! If we decide to have a larger event, we will use the website to create an invitation with details. That will send an "email blast" (that generally doesn't end up in spam filters), and reserving will be as simple at clicking yes or no. To do that, we need your email address.

So make sure your current email is in the database by sending to the "Keeper of the Database" Kathryn Bassett. And if your email changes, make sure to let us know about the change. All e-mail addresses are kept confidential.