In Honor of Our Vets


Active duty Nov 1965 Nov 1967, inactive reserves til Nov 1971. Bravo Co. 1st of 66, 2nd Armored Div., then 2nd of 8th, 4th Div. VietNam for 289 days (point man, tunnel rat). Back in states to Ft Benning GA Bravo Co. 1st of 197th, 2nd Brigage. See pictures here.


Army - Drafted - 1966-1968 - VietNam Vet - Sergeant, platoon leader, supported 1st Cav; 101st; 173rd; DaNang, Pleiku, Saigon; Marble Mountain; Proud to be an American.


U.S.Army Feb '65 - July '68 - Got very lucky, didn't go to VietNam.


I spent four years in the Navy, 63 to 68, and served two and a half years aboard the USS Kenneth D. Bailey, DDR-713, a Gearing class destroyer radar picket. Our mission was to detect Soviet bombers heading for the United States, and to get In the way of a torpedo before it hit a capitol ship. We did a lot of steaming with the USS Enterprise, CVAN 65, the worlds first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. The ship was assigned to Desron 8 (Destroyed Squadron Eight) and took part in the Cuban missile blockade.

As a member of the deck force I did my share of chipping paint, swabbing decks, shooting 5-inch/38 guns and standing underway bridge watches. I had accumulated 17 traffic tickets before joining the Navy, so what does the Navy do? They let me drive a 3,000 ton Destroyer with 60,000 horsepower!  later I became coxswain of the motor whale boat and BMOW (Boatswain Mate Of the Watch) in charge of the enlisted underway bridge watch,  

When my enlistment was up, McNamara extended  me six-months because of VietNam. I watched two year draftees come and go. The Navy wasn’t for me, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. The ship was given to the Iranians in 1972.

Best Regards to all of you still around.

Bradley BRESSLER (now Don Berry):

VietNam 63-66 USN


Enlisted in the Navy at the recruiting station on Washington Blvd and Hill on 27 July 1964. The Navy was a life changing event for me--no VietNam and a lifetime occupation in the computing field. While in boot camp in San Diego, I rec'd a draft notice from the Army. After boot camp attended Class A Data Processing Tech school on North Island, Naval Air Station in San Diego. After schooling I was assigned to the U.S.S. Bryce Canyon (AD-36). The Bryce Canyon was a destroyer tender--we repaired ships of all sizes and shapes up to and including an air craft carrier--the U.S.S. Oriskany (CVA-34) after a fire. Many destroyers from Vietnam received our services.  It was our job to track repairs on vessels, produce reports, payroll/personnel listings, and inventory related reports, plus financial reports. 1st generation computer equipment aboard ship consisted of IBM Card equipment--forerunners of today's high-end computing equipment. The Navy provided me with a life time occupation. I was VERY lucky--no 'Nam.


U. S. Navy Reserve, 1966-1968, Corpsman, USS Montrose, troop transport. Served as base camp for river patrols (Vung Tau River, Vietnam 1967)


Purple Heart

Bobby Lewis Dallas:

U. S. Navy, VietNam, further information unknown, died 2015, buried in Riverside


Died in VietNam and has a separate page

Harry Thomas HEAD:

no bio


Navy reserve, 1966 to 1968, Corpsman, state-side.

Darrell LARSON:

Spent six years in the USMC


US Army, Nov. 65 to Jan. 69, Basic Training Fort Polk, Officer Candidate School Ft. Sill, first as a student, Instructor after graduation. Executive Officer of Artillery combat unit in Viet Nam, Jan. 68 to Jan 69.

Bernard "Ron" MARCONI:

Served from April 3, 1967 until February 1, 1971. Decorations and Medals: National Defense Service Medal; Vietnam Service Medal (With Two Bronze Stars); Vietnam Campaign Medal (With Device), Combat Action Ribbon.

Otha McCAIN:

Army: August 1963 to August 1966. 13 months in Korea, about January 1964 to March 1965. Located in Pan Mun Jum next to the DMZ & supported our neutral Nations (Swiss and Swedes). From there I served the remainder of my 3 years in Frieberg, Germany.

Jon Miller:

3rd Bn 22nd inf. 25th Inf Div, Viet Nam, Nov 66-Nov 67...Combat Inf badge, Viet Nam Campaign ribbon with 2 Clusters, Bronze star. Vietnam Service Medal. Served near Dau Tieng.
      I saw Loren Engstrom just days before he was killed. He was the one of the pilots of a 'Chinook' helicopter that picked me up from a LZ, just days before I rotated out of country. I rode a sling up the belly of the 'copter' and a door gunner slapped headphones on me. The voice said "Hey, JM..what are you doing here, and laughed" . We were friends in school, and the news of his death both shocked and surprised me. I had only just seen and spoke with him. Rest in peace, Loren, my friend. You're remembered.

Richard Moore:

From his obituary (per Collis Woodward): Richard was drafted into the Army and completed basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri in December 1968. He served in Vietnam as a PPL Clerk from March 1969 until his Honorable Discharge in November 1974.  He received a certificate of appreciation in recognition of active service of Specialist Four. He died in Walla Walla, WA on May 30, 2017 from complications with COPD.


Died in VietNam and has a separate page