The 40th Reunion

. . . was held the weekend of 11-13 July 2003
Cocktails were on Friday night
Campus Tour and Drum Corps was Saturday morning
Dinner Dance was Saturday night
and Brunch was Sunday morning

Rich Text list of Attendees


There are some .MPG files there on Sat afternoon (drum corp) and Sat night. The drum corp ones are 5, 7, and 9 megabytes, and the reunion ones are 2-4 megs. The sound on the drum corp ones are bad (wrong resolution setting), but at least the "look" of the rhythm is there. There are a total of 3 movies on Sat aft and 5 Sat night.

Thought you all might like to know the final figures. After adding in the last minute people, and removing the no-shows, we had 180 people at the reunion dinner, and 57 at the brunch.

In the database, there are a few entries besides actual alums (faculty names etc). In the figures below, the first number represents the people in the database, so it *mostly* represents the number of alums. The second figure is the full attendance including spouses/guests.

40th Dinner 119/180
40th Brunch 42/57
The brunch was "something new", so those figures indicate a popular success. If all the no-shows had shown up, the dinner attendance would have been about 195 or so, and about 65 for the brunch. We have no way of calculating the Friday night cocktail party, but I'm comfortable in saying there were probably over 100.

35th was the reunion that proves we will never again have the reunion in the fall, because few people can come.

30th was a two parter - the first part was a Turkey Tussle Cocktail Party (fall), not a full reunion.
The "main event" was the reunion itself (summer).

25th reunion - 103/176

No figures prior to that.