Judy GRAF Crockett

Judy GRAF Crockett - a memorial by Chris ALVAREZ Wolford

Judy died September 8th, 2003. She had been fighting a lymphoma type of leukemia for approximately 15 years, on and off chemo and other steroid treatments. A couple of years ago (maybe longer, I lost track) she discovered she had breast cancer. Surgery on the breast cancer was not done and she finally lost her battle in September. We talked weekly (at least) and saw each other regularly. The last time I saw her was a few days before she died at her home.

She left behind her husband Bob, married for 38 years, and two sons, Bryan and Allan. She had a struggle for years with her eldest son Allan. Approximately 18 years ago on Allan's first day of his senior year at Temple City High, he was in a tragic car accident with three of his classmates during lunch hour. Allan was terribly injured, leaving him virtually in a coma-state since the accident, he has been hospitalized since. Judy was a wonderful mother to both her sons to the end. Her other son, Bryan, is a pilot for an airlines (I think Continential, I could be wrong on the name of airline). Judy and Bob became grandparents a few months before she died to baby Noah, Bryan's only child. She loved that baby and was able to spend some quality time with her little grandson.

Judy and I have had some wonderful times together as best friends. I miss her deeply. I keep waiting for the phone to ring and expecting her voice on the other end. I am thankful for the 54 years we have had of friendship. Again, she will be truly missed.